The Red Horse Society Rides Again!!

After taking the busy summer months off, the Red Horse Society is back riding and laughing together.  New members have joined the ranks and now creative patterns include as many as 5 horses at once.  Each meeting highlights a Dressage principle that is explored in depth.  Beginning with an un-mounted session, the riders do exercises that focus what their equine partner feels in their muscles and balance.  Then a few exercises focus the riders’ attention on their own muscle groups and balance.  Then after mounting, school figures are all done together, creating a stimulating collage of action.  A wrap-up of discovery is found at the end of the meeting with a discussion of the participants.  The Society had such a great time that they decided to meet more often than once a month.

The focus principles will be:

·      The Elusive Half-Halt

·      Troublesome Transitions

If you are interested, contact us at:


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