Specialty Camps

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During the Summer months, Avery Ranch offers a variety of Specialty Camps
Camps are for both kids and adults Participants meet 5 days a week, either morning or evening depending on the Camp OR on the weekends depending on the Camp There are handouts and individual feedback to track progress

To reserve your spot, please register 2 weeks before the camp starts with a $25 deposit.

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Kids Camps
pony pals
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Pony Pals
This camp is tailored for the young rider to learn the basics of horsemanship and riding in an atmosphere of creative fun. Each camper adopts an imaginary horse. As the week unfolds, the campersĀ learn all about their pony’s conformation, tack, sports that the pony wants to do and how to care for their pony. Each camper rides a real school horse every day and develops equestrian skills. Each camper brings a sack lunch and at the end of each day has a lunch with the horses.
Imagination Adventures in the Kingdom of Perloo
adventure camp
Journey to the fantasyland of “Perloo” and develop new powers and fight imaginary creatures while learning horsemanship and riding in an atmosphere of fun and games. There are dragons, ogres, a castle with a king, enchanted forests and much more! Come develop your horsemanship, develop steadfast friends and save the kingdom of Perloo!
Equine Art Classes
The Lyrical Horse
Come explore the romantic equine! In the first camp, we sketch from live models and study the horse’s structure and movement by observation and feel. There are demonstration riders to sketch as we discuss the partnership of horse and rider. In the second camp, we add color and texture to our sketches! In this camp, we look at the magic of watercolor. Both of these courses will be taught by a professional artist and rider.
Time to Get Buff I & II
steven ball
tire boys
buff camp ride
Fitness for You and Your Horse! We establish a baseline of fitness at the start of each camp and then through a program of stretching, strength, flexibility and stamina exercises, we lose unwanted pounds and develop those rider muscles.
Then our horses get to join in the fun. We explore their fitness, develop exercise plans and assess their progress through vital sign monitoring. This is serious fun and sweat!
Dancing Dressage
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treasure trot
Ever want to dance with your horse? In this week, we create a routine that “dances” to a piece of music! At the end of the week, we will host a party where we will raise money for charity and show off our “dance!” Come laugh and share in the fun! School horses are available.
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Camps will be designed to give the participants real goals, methods and feedback on the fitness of themselves and their horses.
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