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It's true! Neither rain, sleet, wind nor snow shall stop Santa as he delivers good cheer!! We had all those things at Holiday Horses 2018 last week and he still “made it to town”!!

The head Elf guided the show with North Pole Magic and got the crowd cheering. Three marvelous performances set the stage in sun and fun until the big man himself came to dance! As we all “Needed a Little Christmas” two elves who “found a little Christmas” were the first to twirl in their handmade quarter sheets sparkling with Christmas cheer! Next, two Christmas Minions were “Happy”to dance and stir up more joy of the season! What's Christmas without a dancing tree? The next pair had a decorated tree dancing with snow! They swirled around as they “rocked” the stage! Then, what to our wondering eyes should appear, but Santa, himself, and Mrs. Clause near! As they boogied and landed their sleigh, there was no doubt, the season of Caring and Sharing was here to stay! THEN THE CLOUDS ROLLED IN!

Over 100 pounds of Food
Furniture (including a playpen and bassinet)
Clothes, Coats and Shoes

Even though the weather tried to to dampen the festive mood, it didn't have a chance as the elves scampered and laughs echoed with the warm glow of the season. We would like to send a BIG THANK YOU to the hard working elves and the generous crowd for getting all the donations to shelter in the pelting hail!

This Holiday Horses was memorable!

We wish you a warm and less eventful start to your Christmas Season that is filled with loads of love and laughter!

MERRY CHRISTMAS from Avery Ranch!
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What could be more fun than dancing with your horse?
Dancing with with your horse AND another horse and rider in a Musical Freestyle!!

Dancing Dressage 2 was filled with smiles of fun and smiles of accomplishment! With 2 routines and the accompanying music of Pharrell Williams and Marvin Gaye, pairs of horses and riders rode together and then switched partners! “Happy” was one of the songs and it expressed the mood of all the riders. Everyone then agreed that the second song and routine, “It Takes Two”truly was twice as much fun! Congrats to all the “dancers”! Spoiler alert: the dances were so good that we think they may be awesome choices for the Holiday Horses* We'll wait with anticipation to see what those beautiful horses and riders have to show us at the end of November.
Remember... Keep dancing like no one is watching!

*Holiday Horses is our traditional charity show that brings in the Christmas Season!
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The Red Horse team is at it again! Creating expressive patterns and practicing signature moves, the Red Horse Society convened to try a 5 horse routine. With laughs and giggles, the 5 horses and their riders, circled and wove shapes that resembled a kaleidoscope! The theme of the day (Circles of Energy) came in handy as the Red Horse Troupe danced their way to a diamond halt. During the dance, there was even a “leg yield weave”! With moves like those, the Holiday Horses Charity Event in November will be spectacular! Keep twirling! ... See MoreSee Less

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The equine challenge is on! As we celebrate the pinnacle of equine accomplishment at the World Equestrian Games in Tryon, North Carolina, we, at Avery Ranch, experienced a slightly different challenge this past weekend as we ventured to the Boulder County Fairgrounds here in Colorado. The joint was HUMMING! ... Amid battling robots, barrel races, puppy sales and a goat show, the Avery Ranch team prevailed with Dressage tests that attempted to present the calm, regal image of Dressage. Magic was stellar with a First and a Second, Bravo was awesome with two Seconds (one was only 0.8 off first place) & Peek-a-Boo two Thirds! Though our haven of a trailer was “miles” from the competition arena, awesome Avery Ranch helpers were there to save the day. We raise a toast to Equine Competitors everywhere and wish them joy, thrills and success! ... See MoreSee Less

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Walk, Trot and Canter like a horse? Why? 'Cause I'm happy! At the end of July, Pony Pals Camp with six eager equestriannes came to Avery Ranch for 4 days to learn to handle, groom, tack, feed and ride their own horses. They “spoke horse words” and learned a dance routine with their horse. As they rode to “Happy” by Pharrell Williams, they displayed that mood everyday. Their synchronized circles and dance moves were accompanied with giggles and grins. Artistic talent flowed as the girls decorated their own personal T-shirts, grooming tools and groom buckets. As a special “thank you” to their horses, they fed them “lunch” everyday and had a picnic themselves in the hay shed. With smiles of confidence and heads full of respect and love, the girls shared the magical world of horses and left us all at Avery Ranch with our own special smile. ... See MoreSee Less

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What do Michael Jackson, the Beatles, Abba and Pat Benatar have in common? Mama Mia! Dancing horses, of course! In 5 fun filled days, 5 dancing horses and their riders laughed, created and rode individual musical freestyles to awesome music! An early Beatle performed “I Wanna Hold Your Hand” to demonstrate the elusive “contact” between horse and rider with style and class. The next rider and horse were also “hands on” with Michael Jackson's “Hold My Hand”. Their circles and transitions created a routine that was a “thriller”! A vision in white brought a beautiful picture of togetherness to Pat Benatar's “We Belong”. Then, the “Dancing Queens” performed “Mama Mia” and “Take a Chance on Me” individually and as a Grand Finale they did an impromptu routine to “Dancing Queen”. What a treat! We can't wait to see what they create in September at Dancing Horses II! ... See MoreSee Less

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A toast to success! Whoop! Whoop! Whoop! Summer showing is in full swing! Dressage at the Fairgrounds was filled with smiles and great success. Bravo (placing 1st &4th), Peek-a-Boo (4th) and Shadow (2nd & 3rd) found life in the show ring exciting and fun! With class and presence, Bravo and his rider entered the show as first time rookies, but were totally awesome! As they accomplished their rides, the audience appreciated their graceful “dance” moves. The awesome group of Avery Ranch supporters served up a “Back Van Deli” that was filled with delicious delicacies and comfortable camaraderie! All the fun was truly expressed in Colorado style as a flash rain storm chased the revelers back home. With pride and a pleasant afterglow, we THANK all the participants for a phenomenal day of forever memories! ... See MoreSee Less

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